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Calling all architecture students, graduates, professionals. 

Your education is failing you!

Help us change that.

Why Architectural Education needs to Change

We are living in a climate emergency - the sixth mass extinction. As an industry we know we must de-carbonise fast [1], but the scarcity of carbon literacy in the profession is restricting our ability to act. Architecture schools could play an incredibly positive role in addressing this knowledge gap. 


To make this happen, architectural education needs an overhaul. Presently, schools across the country are not imparting basic carbon literacy skills, failing both their students and the wider public.

After five years in formal education, architectural graduates are entering the workplace unaware of the severity of the climate emergency, and without the technical know-how to tackle it. [2]


Essential knowledge now needs to be embedded within curriculums, educating on the environmental impact of architectural practice and the wider construction industry. We believe teaching around environmental design must be incorporated into every module, utterly normalising it and removing its specialist status.

[1] UN Climate Goals and see the government’s Climate Change Committee website for more information

[2] Scott McAulay of the Anthropocene Architecture School, Crisis Studio

1-4, Educational Troubleshooting and Feedback (2020)

Campaign Aims

We are campaigning for increased climate literacy in all course programmes starting autumn 2020. 

Specifically, we are calling for schools to embed ACAN’s three aims into curriculums: 

  • Climate change fundamentals and the impact of the built environment

  • Whole life net zero carbon design

  • Retrofit and reuse

  • Policy, legislation and national commitments

  • Design for deconstruction

  • Fundamentals of the global ecological crisis and impact of construction supply chains

  • Life cycle analysis and ecological materials

  • Circular economy design principles

  • Water conservation 

  • Enhancing biodiversity, integration of non-human habitats

  • Principles of regenerative design

  • Ethics and architecture: wider impacts of the built environment and the meaning of professionalism in the anthropocene

  • Critical thinking: what hasn't worked and why are we in this mess?

  • The agency of the architect to affect change

  • To-build or not-to-build: the impact of developmentalism as a mindset and architectural approaches that are not buildings

  • Foresight: adaptation and visioning for likely scenarios.

Campaign Actions

We are inviting students, graduates and professionals to join this movement. 

We are offering seminars, workshops, talks and discussion, all while lobbying every level of the educational hierarchy. Valuable work is already underway, but it is not enough. We are asking schools: Can you do more?

Take part in the Educators Climate Crisis Workshops:

On July 29th ACAN will be hosting a two-hour intensive workshop for educators in schools of architecture. 

We recognise the quality of climate and ecology-related teaching already present in many schools, and are seeking to support the cross-pollination of these ambitious ideas and approaches.

We want to hear from you! Join us here


By following the simple actions


Write to your head of school.

Demand a better climate education.


* Optional. The data will only be used for the purposes of this campaign, tracking momentum and encouraging others to act. Please use official school naming.



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Fill out our 5-10 minute survey. 

Help us understand your experience of climate education and environmental design.



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Still want to do more? 

Find a climate action group near you, or start one at your university.

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If you would like to join ACAN, have any questions about the campaign, or are interested in setting up a climate group at your school, we would love to hear from you! Our email is


Already signed up:

Lucía Rodríguez Ramírez
Erin Wilkinson
Bradley Fletcher

David Hasson
Iva Stanisheva
Jamie Wilson

Alex Malden
Jayanaveenaa P


Mario Lindner
Jeffrey Keaus
Paul Ring
George Wallis

Grey Grierson
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George Brazier


Ana Carolina Helena

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Francesca Tattersall

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Nicola Mead

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Ben Yeates


Ben Spry

Universidad de Costa Rica

Norwich University of the arts

University of Central Lancashire
Oxford Brookes University
University of Westminster

Oxford Brookes University
New Delhi School of Planning and Architecture
Brandenburg University of Technology
Nottingham Trent University
Northumbria University
London School of Architecture

The Bartlett
Edinburgh School of Architecture
The Bartlett

Universidad Iberoamericana

Universidade de Lisboa

ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara

Peter Behrens School of Arts

University of Westminster

University of Nairobi

Norwich University of Arts

London Metropolitan University

University of Brighton

Welsh School of Architecture

Royal College of Art

University of Sheffield

Robert Gordon University

Royal College of Art

Sheffield Hallam

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham

Royal College of Art

London Metropolitan University

University of Sheffield

London Metropolitan

Royal College of Art

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ACAN is a network of individuals within architecture and related built environment professions taking action to address the twin crises of climate and ecological breakdown. 

Contact us directly:

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