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A call to just transition and hope in face of the climate crisis!

We, the Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN!), Architects for Future, and Happy Frugality, are compelled to take a stand following the recent EU elections. The results underscore a growing disillusionment but also signify a clear mandate for urgent action on climate and biodiversity crises. Positive strides have been made, with green parties achieving unexpected successes in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and gaining their first seats in Slovenia, Latvia, and Lithuania, demonstrating that citizens are demanding change and embracing sustainability.

While the challenges of climate change may not be fully apparent everywhere in Europe yet, proactive measures today can prevent severe future impacts. We acknowledge the frustration many feel towards political inertia. The low turnout among young voters and the rise of extreme populist parties highlight a need for deeper societal engagement. However, amidst these challenges, there is hope.

The climate crisis affects us all, but through collective action and solidarity, we can address it effectively. The EU election outcomes present an opportunity to unite towards a common goal: creating a sustainable, regenerative, and resilient future.

To the citizens of Europe: don’t lose hope and take action!

Although the European election results might seem like a setback for climate action, the reality is more nuanced. Historically, right and far-right voting has been linked to climate denialism, but this is changing. A shift to the right doesn't necessarily mean climate and biodiversity issues are less of a priority for the voters; it does however highlight the failure of social consideration of the impacts of climate policies. We must transcend viewing climate action as a polarised tool, and make sure the changes we need happen within the prism of climate justice.

We urge you to continue prioritising climate action. The majority of European voters have expressed that climate action is a top priority, indicating robust public support for sustainability initiatives. This strong backing empowers governments to pursue ambitious climate policies with confidence. The support of policymakers, businesses, and individuals is essential to catalyse the systemic changes needed for a sustainable future.

Let us work together to enhance the goals of the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus, and engage in meaningful dialogue with constituents on the imperative of climate action. With citizens demonstrating a clear preference for climate-focused policies, the EU has a unique opportunity to lead globally in sustainability efforts. Let's seize this moment to accelerate our efforts. Every positive action counts towards building a greener, more equitable future. Together, we can make a difference. It is not too late.

To the citizens of Europe: Your voice is powerful. Stay informed, stay engaged, stay proficient in climate adaptation, mitigation, and justice. Your actions are crucial in driving sectoral shifts and protecting our society. Your engagement and advocacy are crucial in ensuring that governments understand and act on the public's support for ambitious climate action.

  • Join the coalition of ACAN!, A4F, and Happy Frugality to make your voice heard across Europe. Strengthen the network by joining international groups in Germany, France, Spain, and The Netherlands, or contact us to start a new group. Italy, Poland, and Romania, with significant EU parliament seats, are particularly influential for policy change.

  • Keep pushing the European elected MEPs, we will soon give more possible actions to take. Follow us!

  • Ensure your work aims to achieve the highest sustainability metrics despite slow implementation of directives.

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