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ACAN featured in BBC News story


Joe Giddings contributes expertise to a BBC News story on the UK government’s Future Homes Standard policy


ACAN's Joe Giddings shone light on the importance of ACAN’s work as a watchdog on government commitment to climate change in a recent BBC News story.

The news story by Roger Harrabin, BBC environment analyst, draws attention to a government redaction of the 2023 target for implementing the Future Homes Standard for new homes. On the grounds of a “mix-up” the target was changed to 2025.

Giddings highlighted ACAN’s response to the Future Homes Standard consultation in his statement:

"The industry needs to halve emissions by 2030. As such, the more ambitious timeline for 2023 was welcome – we called for this when the government ran its consultation earlier this year. To see this ambition speedily retracted is frustrating and will set the industry back.”

The news story also draws attention to the role of the construction industry which is missing from the plan:

“He [Giddings] said the 10-point plan should include not just emissions from heating and cooking, but also the emissions from building a new property.”

Comments from Alan Whitehead MP, Shadow minister for Energy and the Green new deal, and Andrew Warren of the British Energy Efficiency Federation, were also included in the news story.

This is the 75th piece of news coverage featuring ACAN since it was established in 2019.

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