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From A to Be

We are delighted to announce our organisation's rebranding as the Built Environment Climate Action Network!

ACAN is evolving into BeCAN, with ACAN remaining an integral part under the BeCAN umbrella. Over the past four years, our journey began as a collective of architects and has since flourished into a diverse, multi-disciplinary community within the built environment — an accomplishment we proudly celebrate! We want to emphasise our unwavering commitment to representing the foundational work of our architects and preserving the legacy we've built thus far, ensuring it continues to be a cornerstone of our organisation.

This significant transition is the culmination of valuable input from our dedicated members and enjoys strong support from our esteemed founding members and our dedicated steering group. Our new identity is a testament to our dedication to representing and collaborating with a diverse range of professionals and experts, all united by a common goal: addressing climate change within the built environment. With this new identity, we stand poised to amplify our collective impact on climate action, truly reflecting the breadth and depth of those we proudly represent

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