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Paper Planes Action!

On Monday 20th July, we sent an open letter to Foster + Partners asking them to pause their involvement in aviation expansion and to open a dialogue with us. We have had no reply or acknowledgment of our concerns, and they have so far refused requests for comment from the media.

In case Fosters + Partners haven't seen our letter yet, we are calling upon everyone in ACAN and all our supporters to help us bring this to their attention and send a clear message: The climate crisis cannot be ignored and we don't intend to be either!

Paper Planes Action! - How to Participate:

*Note this is time-sensitive - we want to act in-sync to maximise the impact - please follow the timescales below

1 - Between Now - Thursday 6th August:

2 - Thursday 6th August

  • Take a photo or video of your paper plane and post on social media - Twitter/Instagram, using the following handles and hashtags:



3 - Friday 7th August

  • Fix a stamp to your paper-plane and put it in the post (postcard style is fine - no need for an envelope).



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