7.00pm - 9.00PM, Tuesday 3RD DECEMBER


Penoyre & Prasad, 28-42 Banner Street, EC1Y 8QE


Two weeks on from the intimate setting of the Jago, where discussion around power and politics, podcasts and publications abounded, we once again return to a more central location and pop up near Old Street, following a kind offer from Penoyre & Prasad.

Hot on the heels of a fantastic Architects Declare summit yesterday, where many of our members were in attendance, our working groups will be steaming ahead, plotting and scheming the most effective way forward. Conversation on how we can best collaborate with Architects Declare and others will surely proliferate. How do we all capitalise on this amazing energy and momentum?

Our thematic groups again; Circular Economy, Education, Embodied Carbon, Existing Buildings, Planning Policy, Professionalism; each will be continuing to shape projects and campaigns.

Our working groups again; Outreach & Liaisons, Media & Communications, Art & Design, Actions & Events, Research. Each is defining their roles and refining their process. We're starting to build an effective organisation!

If you haven't been to a meeting before, don't worry, please come along. The meeting will be relaxed, open, dynamic and democratic just like always; see you Tuesday!

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